Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Prep Work for DIY Bedliner

Prepping Before Applying Bed Liner
1. Before doing any sanding, wash the area with a good quality degreaser soap, such as Dawn or Ajax.
2.  Use a wax and grease remover such as Klean-Strip's Prep-All.
3.  Protect the vehicle from over spray by masking areas that will not be coated. (Do not use plastic sheeting in an area that may get a lot of product on it. It could melt into your finish.)
4. Remove all rust by grinding or sandblasting. Blow off the surface to remove grinding and sanding debris.
5. Sand the truck bed with 40-120 grit sandpaper or use a nylon filament brush. The nylon brush fits on a polisher/grinder and saves hours of sanding. It is coated with nylon and should not cut down to bare metal.  NYLON FILAMENT BRUSH
6. Blow the surface to remove sanding dust and clean again with wax and grease remover. Allow the truck to dry completely.
7. Follow directions on the bed liner product and finish.

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