Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Call it Luxo Blue or Lemans Blue - We call it Gorgeous

"I just wanted to brag on you guys for a bit if I could.You guys were spot on with the color and the match was unbelievable. I have attached a picture and will let you guys try and figure out which panel is factory and which has been painted.Again thank you and this won't be this last time I order from you guys."

J. Benavides
Dickinson, Texas

Well done J.!  Thanks.

Quantity and Product used: (1)  Spray Max 2K Single Stage Spray Paint
Color: Lemans or Luxo Blue  paint code:  Code 19 / WA933L   2006 Chevrolet

700HP Mopar Engine Paint Project

"I began this engine paint project with the finished product in My mind, however as many people know with painting most times comes disappointment for one reason or another. This is My first experience with the 2K two part paint and I have to say It defiantly did not disappoint! I was amazed to watch this stuff flow onto the surface of primer like it had a mind of its own! After setting up and curing it almost looked like it was dipped, it appeared so deep and flawless in the metallic distribution. After posting some pics on My Facebook news My notification alert has gone bonkers! This 440 is getting all the attention it deserves, THANX to 66 AUTO COLOR!!!"

W. Huber
Jacksonville, Florida 

Thanks W. Huber for the products and the great review!                                                            

Products used and quantity:
(6)  Spray Max 2K Single Stage aerosols 
color:  Plum Crazy Metallic code C71970-71 Dodge Challenger 


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Custom Paint on V8 Chopper with House of Kolor Paint

This is a project by Ramon Luna, a former employee at 66 Auto Color.  He used a lot of custom techniques we thought you might be interested in seeing.

You can also watch the full video on You Tube.  The link is below:

Custom Paint on V8 Chopper - House of Kolor

Want to see more of Luna's Art?  Check out his Facebook page: Ramon Luna Art - ArtistikDezire