Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hot Rod Black Satin Paint & Green Metallic 2K Urethane Paint

Spray Max products are so versatile.  John, from Monroe, GA had this to say about the Hot Rod Black Satin paint in Spray Max aerosols.

 "This product is awesome.  Lays down very nice, super versatile, great looking hot rod satin and great for accent and interior parts.  I used this product on a van engine cover to create a two tone color scheme."

 His comments regarding the green metallic Spray Max 2K urethane aerosol paint:

"A quality automotive single-stage urethane in a can that atomizes like a sprayer and gives great results.  I have used this product several times and as always am very pleased. Thanks to the staff at 66 auto they are always very helpful and knowledgeable."

John used one aerosol can of the Hot Rod Black Satin Aerosol Paint  and one aerosol of the green metallic custom mix 2K Urethane aerosol paint.