Thursday, June 23, 2011

Independence Day Holiday Hours

We will be closed for vacation July 2, 3, 4th.
Reopening on Tuesday, July 5.

Tech Tip: Solvent Pop

Summer brings its own set of pleasures and problems.  The hot days are great for going to the lake, but not so great when refinishing a car.  One of the most common problems we see in the summer is solvent pop, small air bubbles or craters caused by the solvent rising to the top of the finish. Solvent pop is from the solvents being trapped below the surface of the top coat.  The solvent becomes trapped under the surface film (primer, sealer, paint) and then rises to the top as it tries to escape. This is due to one of the following situations:

  1. Using incorrect reducer or hardener for air or substrate temperature, which causes a film on the surface of the primer, sealer, or paint making it appear ready for another coat.
  2. Applying product too heavy.
  3. Not giving enough flash time between coats.
  4. Putting a freshly painted vehicle directly into the sunlight.

Prevention: Allow the solvents to escape the product:
  1. Choose a reducer or hardener within the proper temperature range, slow to very slow for temperatures 800 + This will allow the surface of the primer, sealers, paint, etc. to stay open long enough to allow the solvents to escape.
  2. Do not apply sealers, primers, paint too heavy.
Allow enough flash time between coats, be sure to read your technical data sheets for each product. For example Matrix paints instructs:  Each coat of basecoat applied requires an additional 10 minutes flash time between coats before clear coating. So, four coats of base would require an additional 40 minutes before clear coating.

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