Friday, January 27, 2012

Tech Tip: Peeling - Loss of Adhesion or Separation of Paint Film

Peeling – Loss of adhesion or separation of paint film from substrate.
Cause:       (A) Improper preparation of the substrate (sanding and cleaning)
(B) Omitting or applying an incompatible undercoat to a specific substrate (e.g. aluminum, galvanized, plastic, etc.)
(C) Insufficient flash/dry time or exceeding the product’s recoat time.
(D) Insufficient film thickness of undercoat, or topcoat or clearcoat.
(E) Clearcoat finishes: 1) Using solvent to clean basecoat before clearcoating. 2) Sanding base before applying additional base or clearcoat. 3) Basecoat applied too dry.  4) Clearcoat applied too dry. 5) Baking base before applying clear. 6) Using fisheye eliminator in base. 7) Incompatible clear. 8) Use of incompatible “adhesion promoter”. 9) Excessive basecoat film thickness. 10) Over or under reduction or incompatible reducer for basecoat.
Repair:  (A) Remove the finish in affected area, featheredge, and refinish.
                   (B) Or, strip to bare substrate and refinish.
Prevention:  (A) Clean and prepare all substrates according to product recommendations.
                          (B) Use recommended primer (plastic parts may require special primer or adhesion promoter).
                          (C) Recoat within recommended minimum and maximum recoat times.
                          (D) Apply sufficient amount of coats for recommended film thickness.
                          (E) Follow basecoat/clearcoat applications using compatible products (e.g. recommended reducers      or no reducers for many clearcoat products.)
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Customer Pictures - Spray Max Guitar & House of Kolor Dragon

We have two customer submissions this month.
The first one is from Jim in Pittsburg. He did a beautiful guitar for a Christmas present in a color called Plum Crazy - code MSB-914203. He used two cans of Spray Max 2K and one can of Spray Max Glamour Clear Coat.
Jim had these comments:
The finish came out beautifully. Much better than I could have hoped for, especially since it all came from spray paint cans! I used Spray Max  products on my motorcycle, and people are amazed at the finish quality, so I knew going into this guitar project exactly what I wanted to use and I was not disappointed.
Jesse Morrow from Joplin submitted the following photo of a chained mechanical dragon. He did this for one of his customers. This was on a trike. Jesse does quality airbrush work using Matrix Products and House of Kolor.
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January 2012 Newsletter - Proform Automotive Products

66 Auto Color E-Newsletter

January 2012
ProForm is a new company for us.  However, ProForm has been providing automotive coatings since 1972.  Apparently, they are doing something right. ProForm has quality products at an economical price.  Since their line of products goes hand in hand with our philosophy of quality, it seemed to be a good fit. We hope you think so too.
Proform Double-sided Emblem & Molding Tape:
1/2"x 15'  $6.59
7/8" x 15'  $10.59
  ProForm Double Sided Molding Tape
Proform Plastic & Emblem Adhesive - Clear adhesive, strong, quick bonding of  emblems, plastic, and metal. $5.89 tube 4.5 oz.
Proform Paintable Rubberized Undercoating: $6.39 aerosoz 19.75 oz.