Friday, September 23, 2011

How to use Epoxy Primer


Step-By-Step – Back to Basics
Why Use Epoxy?  Epoxy is used first as it has excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.  The epoxy blankets the metal, which does not allow any oxygen to reach the metal.  Epoxy also adheres (sticks) good to the metal or other substrate and top coats adhere good to the epoxy.  Therefore, epoxy is a good choice to use on repair areas where there is exposed metal or body filler.
What Epoxy Is Not:  Epoxy does not have high build or fill imperfections well.  Therefore, epoxy is not designed to be applied and block sanded.  If there are still scratches or areas where body filler was applied, you really need to apply primer surfacer on top of the epoxy primer.
1. Wipe the repair area clean with wax and grease remover.
2. Clean with tack cloth.
3. Mix Epoxy Primer – Remember that you may need to wait an induction time before using. Read your tech sheet for the product.
4. Spray 1 – 2 coats onto repair area.
5. Allow To Flash (dry) for 15 minutes between coats, longer for cooler weather.
6. Allow to flash for 30 minutes before spraying primer surfacer, again, check the tech sheet.
7. Clean Primer Gun and Mix 2K Primer Surfacer.
Now the repair area has epoxy primer applied, now you’re ready to mix and apply primer surfacer.  Note:  You do not sand epoxy primer before applying primer surfacer.  However, usually, primer surfacer must be applied within a certain time, check your products tech sheet.

Josiah's '81 Chevy Short Hugger Orange, Fred's Red with Spray Max

Customer Pics
Thanks to all our customers that have been sending in pictures of their projects.
Josiah-81 Chevy Short in Hugger Orange  - Beautiful!

Fred's Red - GM Bright Red
Fred did this fantastic job with the Spray Max aerosols. SPM-1k, Spray Max Glamour Clearcoat and Spray Max Epoxy Rust Cure Primer.

New Item - Pliogrip Panel 60 Adhesive Panel Repair

We are proud to announce a new vendor on our roster of high quality products, Pliogrip by Valvoline. PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline is a complete body repair and bonding system specifically engineered for the body shop to provide better workability, reduced repair times and superior structural strength.

When it comes to returning a vehicle to its pre-accident condition, PLIOGRIP by Valvoline offers a wide range of products for both automotive and heavy duty truck repair.  Their Panel 60 adhesive is a versatile panel bonding adhesive that can be used for bonding bare metal on quarter panels, roof panels, rear body panels and door skins.  It is backed by a lifetime structural and corrosion warranty and also has a two-year shelf life.  Panel 60 was also recently recognized by General Motors Corporation to meet the aftermarket metal bonding specifications guidelines (GM6449G).  You can use the Pliogrip by Valvoline products with confidence for strength and durability.