Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Bed Liner

Defender Pro Bed Liner

Do It Yourself Bed Liner
Defender Pro Epoxy Bedliner
Saving money is something we are all trying to do and a lot of people are looking at the Do-It-Yourself bed liner kits.  They are fairly easy to apply and take minimal prep work.  We have recently begun carrying the Defender Pro Bedliner Kit with Kevlar.  Defender Pro is a top of the line product.  The addition of Kevlar makes it extremely tough and durable.  Defender Pro is one of the few bed liners made of epoxy.  Epoxy can be applied direct to metal and seals out moisture, which prevents rust.  One of the disadvantages to professionally applied and urethane bed liners is that they do not have any rust prevention qualities. Defender Pro bed liner is also excellent for Jeep grills, fender wells, or any place where rock chips are a problem. Check out the informational "How to Video."
 Defender Pro Application Video

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