Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tech Tip: Staining/Bleed Through (discoloration) of paint surface.

Staining/Bleed-Through (discoloration)
Cause:  A) Using too much or too little hardener in the putty or body filler.
             B) Insufficient mixing of putty or filler components
             C) Applying a surfacer, sealer and/or topcoat before putty/filler has thoroughly cured.
             D) Clearcoating a white or light color without using a stain-free body filler (RAGE Gold).

Repair:  1) Allow topcoat to thoroughly cure.
              2) Sand affected area, isolate with two-component undercoats and refinish.

Prevention:  A) Use correct amount of body filler hardener
                    B) Mix components thoroughly.
                    C) Allow putty or filler to cure thoroughly before topcoating.
  D) Apply undercoats and/or topcoats in medium-wet to wet coats; allowing proper flash  time between coats.
                    E) Use non-staining body fillers (RAGE Gold), especially when clearcoating light colors.
                    F) Isolate suspected staining filler by applying a two-component surfacer and sealer.
                        Allow to cure, following product recommendations, then apply desired topcoat.

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Newsletter July 2011

Summer Blaze Days
It is blazing hot here, but from my side of the fence, it is better than freezing cold. We have some "hot" items, I would like to bring to your attention.  Keep them in mind for your upcoming projects.

A popular item lately are the Hot Rod Flats.  One of our customers used our 66 Classic Flat paint in hugger orange.  He said it turned out great, hoping to see some pictures soon.  For those of you wanting to stay with a classic Hot Rod Black, we have the Vintage Hot Rod Flat Black and the Vintage Hot Rod Satin Black.  Both have a great finish with the same durability as a urethane single-stage automotive paint.  Keep in mind, when using flat colors that there is a lot of flattener additive in the product, approximately half flattener to half toner colors, so the color might not cover as much as a normal paint.  You may need to buy extra automotive paint to finish the job.  Vintage Hot Rod Black  

Also, the technique for spraying flats or satins is crucial.  Spray the first coat wet, allowing appropriate flash time between coats depending on the substrate temperature (see product tech sheet for details).  The second and third coat, spray medium coats.  Very important, the flat additive separates and settles, shake well before spraying and intermittently during spraying.

Those of you who have a Hot Rod Flat or Satin Finish know how hard it is to find a product to clean, remove road grime, and oily residue without giving it a shine. Wizards Products has come out with a product called "Wipe Down." That does the job at a reasonable price $10.95 for a 22 oz. spray bottle.  Use a multi-fiber cloth to prevent streaks and lint.

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