Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Repair - 2007 Vespa GTS 250

2007 Vespa Scooter - After Repair
 John's Vespa scooter needed some repair work and he chose the Spray Max 1K base coat paint along with the Spray Max 2k Clear coat.  He also used the Spray Max Plastic Adhesion Promoter; a wise choice when painting on plastic.

John said:
"Its a 2007 Vespa GTS 250 and I replaced the glove box panel which is the gray colored piece in the picture on top of the old one. Had to order it from Italy. The old one had a chunk missing out of the lower right corner as you can see. I'm extremely pleased with your product. One of the easiest and cheapest repairs I've ever done. Didn't have to clean anything afterwards and the best part is it looks as good as if I used my spray equipment"
Thanks again
John N., San Jose, CA.

Damaged part on the bottom - replacement part to be painted on top.

John used one each of the products listed below:
Vespa Scooter Paint Giallo Lime 928A
Spray Max 2K High Gloss Urethane Clear Coat
Spray Max Plastic Adhesion Promoter

1956 Maico Blizzard Motorcyle - Restoration

1956 Maico Blizzard after Restoration
John F. in Dallas, Texas, took on a rare project.  One you don't see every day.  As told by John,
"The bike is a 1956 Maico Blizzard. The bike really had only 25 original miles but it's life in Ohio storage produced a rusty project. I did all the paint work but had the metal bits media blasted elsewhere .  I used Polaris silver and granite grey for a amazing like original color, then used glamour clear 2k that was sprayed over hand striping.  I ride it often down here in Texas. Maico street bikes are fairly rare."

Hats off to the fine job that John did.

Below is a list of the products and quantity ordered by John:

1956 Maico Blizzard Motorcycle - after paint restoration

1956 Maico Motorcycle before restoration
Motorcycle Tank Sealer Kit (1)
Spray Max Wax and Grease Remover (1)
Spray Max Etch Primer (2)
Gray Scotchbrite Scuff Pad (4)
Wet Dry Sandpaper Fine (3)
Kombi Spot Putty (1)
Spray Max 2K Rapid Urethane Primer (10)
BMW Motorcycle Paint Polaris 060 (8)
BMW Motorcycle Paint Granite Grey 933 (7)
BMW Motorcycle Paint Black 086 Schwarz Avus (2)
Spray Max 2K High Gloss Glamour Clear Coat (10)
3M Fine Line Tape 1/4" (1)
Honda Motorcycle Paint Flash Red R-119 (1)
Spray Max Aerosol Hand Grip (1)