Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chopper Motorcycle Transformation (Why I love Spray Max)

Before picture
Here we started with what you see in the picture, a chopper that was painted with a somewhat conflicting design.  We just wanted to update it with the new  House of Kolor Shimrin 2  pearls for a more stealth-like design.  After studying the tank, we decided to keep the flames.  They were back masked, to prepare the rest of the tank for paint.

The steps we took are below:

1.  Wash and clean the tank.
2.  Used Spray Max Wax and Grease Remover and wiped dry with a lint free towel.
3.  Lightly sanded with 400 grit being careful to not break through the clear.  The old paint was still in good condition, so it wasn't necessary to take it all down.
4.  Masked off the flames.
5.  Used the wax and grease remover again and a tack cloth and it is ready to spray.
6.  Using the Spray Max 1K base coat, we painted two coats base coat black, waiting about 10 minutes between coats (When you set the can down for an extended time be sure to turn the can upside down and clear the nozzle each time. This prevents clogging and spitting).
7.  After 10 minutes we were ready to paint the House of Kolor Shimrin 2 charcoal pearl - color number 0047V.  We sprayed three coats of the pearl.  This was also in the Spray Max Aerosol 1K Base Coat.
8.  After drying for 10 minutes we used a tack cloth on the color in preparation for the clear coat. This helps pick up any loose dry pearl.
9.  Waiting 30-40 minutes we were ready to spray the Spray Max Glamour Clear Coat.
10.  We activated the clear coat cans with the button on the bottom of the 2K can, shook the cans about 5 minutes, and after spraying the first light coat, we turned the can upside down to clear the nozzle between coats (one of the most important steps in using the 2K product).
11.  We tested the clear coat between coats by putting our thumb on a wet spot on a masked off area to see if it was ready to spray.  If it is still stringy it is not ready; it should just be tacky and leave an imprint.
12.  We applied three more full wet coats. We stopped there, but you could wait until the clear was completely dry, block sand, and re-clear until the flames are completely leveled out in clear.
13.  Final picture is without color sanding and buffing.
Products used:  (1) Spray Max Wax & Grease Remover
                         (1 )SprayMax 1K Gloss Black 
                         (2) Spray Max House of Kolor Shimrin 2 Base coat #0047V
                       (2-3)  Spray Max 2K Clearcoat

Here is a direct link to the House of Kolor aerosols: 66 Auto Color - House of Kolor Aerosols.

Spraying black base
Finished tank
Finished project - without color sanding and buffing.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

66 Auto Color - New Building

66 Auto Color has new, larger retail store/warehouse.  We are located at 3720 E. 20th St., Joplin, Missouri.
Not near Joplin, visit us on the web:  66AutoColor.com

66 Auto Color - 3720 E. 20th St., Joplin, Missouri

66 Auto Color - New Store Interior

Friday, November 22, 2013

Super Sonic Jet Peddle Car Restoration

Super Sonic Jet Peddle Car - Before Restoration
Super Sonic Jet Peddle Car - After Restoration

What a great restoration on a 1950's era Super Sonic Jet Peddle Car.  As you can see by the pictures, it was extremely rusty to start, but the finished project is beautiful.  History restored by Randy G & Spray Max.

Spray Max products used:

2 - Spray Max Epoxy Primer (item #SPM-3680032)
2 - Spray Max Rapid High Build Filler Primer( item #SPM-3680031)
2 - Spray Max 2K Custom Mix Paint -  white paint (item #SPM-Mix2K)
1 - Spray Max 2K Custom Mix Paint - red paint (item #SPM-Mix2K)

To purchase Spray Max products go to: 66 Auto Color

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

LSU Bicycle and Spray Max Aerosols

Eddie restored a 1967 Schwinn bicycle done in Louisiana State University (LSU) colors. Per Eddie, "It came out great."

Eddie used the following Spray Max aerosol products.

Spray Max Etch Primer  (item # SPM-3680013) quantity: 1
Spray Max 2K Single Stage Paint  1 EACH 123C PMC GOLD, 268C PMS PURPLE
SprayMax 2K Clearcoat Glamour Clear (item #SPM-3680080) quantity: 1

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Spray Max Motorcycle Color Change

I used the Spray Max 2K Single Stage Automotive Paint. I used exactly two cans to do the Motorcycle gas tank, front and rear fenders and the two side panels. The color was dead-on, exactly what I wanted. I did use an automotive primer before I painted. The paint coverage was excellent, with very little over spray. I did, as suggested, use several light coats. I also did some wet sanding after the first coat. The only automotive painting I have done has been really small touch-ups. I would recommend this product to beginners or seasoned pros. It is very easy to use, as with any paint you just need to patient.  This would definitely rate as an EXCELLENT product!
Randy Colbert
Moravian Falls, NC


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Army Green Motorcycle Restoration with Spray Max

The paint easy to use and it polishes to a perfect mirror shine. Feel free to put this up on the blog. I will definitely use these products on my next project!

Tom H.
Las Vegas, NV

Tom ordered the following:

Order these Spray Max products for your next project at  66AutoColor.com

Spray Max - Kawasaki Motorcycle Restoration 1978 KZ650

Just wanted to send you guys some pictures of how my bike came out with your paint. It's a 1978 KZ650.
I've used spraymax clear once before with good results but this was the first time I used their whole system from the primer up. I ended up having one extra can of color and clear left over. I also used spraymax single stage on the frame and wheels.

Trevose, PA

John ordered:
Spray Max 2K Rapid Primer  (2)
Spray Max 2K Epoxy Primer (1)
Spray Max 2K Clear Coat (3)
Spray Max Base Coat (3) color: Sunburst Orange Pearl, Chrysler DV6
Spray Max 2K Gloss Black Paint (1)

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Spray Max 1K Harley Motorcycle Paint Black Pearl

The fender in the middle is fiberglass and had to be painted to match the rest of the bike. To my surprise it was a perfect match. Even the metal flake and pearl came out perfect.
This was my first time painting with clear coat and no one can believe it came out of a rattle can. And this isn’t wet sanded yet either!
Ephrata, WA

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Paint in Spray Max Aerosol  Harley paint code BRD / 98609

After painting and clear.
All put back together and ready for the road.

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Hey this is HM (the aerosol sky blue guy).
Wanted to send you a picture of my truck.
Thanks for all the help.

(Note:  HM ordered about 20 Spray Max 1K Base Coat Aerosol in Sky Blue and Spray Max 2K Clearcoat - Glamour Clear

For your next project choose 66AutoColor.com

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spray Max Motorcycle Restoration - Tuskey Green

Spray Max - Tuskey Green

We recently mixed a color for Justin - Richmond Hills, GA. He ordered 3 Spray Max 2K single stage aerosol paints in Tuskey Green, 1 SprayMax Epoxy Primer, 1 Spray Max Plastic Adhesion Promoter,  1 Spray Max Rapid Primer Filler and 1 Spray Max 2K Clear Coat.  He was working on a motorcycle restoration.  He did a great job. The shine is awesome. It even picks up the different reflections from around the shop. Check out his comments of the products and the pictures he sent.

"Hey, 66 Auto Color, received the paints the other day and was very pleased with the packing. just finished the painting tonight. was very meticulous with each step degreasing, priming, degreasing, color coat, clear coat. very pleased with the color and results. you guys nailed it! I have to add this has been the best customer service experience I have ever had, and will be recommending you guys to all and anyone who will listen. I will certainly be back for more paint if I do another bike. here are two pics, one of my tank, and one of my helmet's stripes."