Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flexible Bumper Repair

Flexible Bumper Repair
1.       Clean the damaged area with soap and water and a wax and grease remover made specifically for plastic (regular wax & grease removers will cause the bumper release agent to come to the surface causing adhesion problems).
2.       Initial Prep Sand: Dish out the repair area using a P80 disc, feathering into the surrounding area.  Follow up with a P180 disc, removing all P80 scratches.
3.       Apply adhesion promoter: Blow off repair area with clean dry air. Apply adhesion promoter, allowing to dry 5-10 min. Always apply adhesion promoter before any filler material.
4.       Mix & apply flexible filler:  Mix and apply flexible filler material, such as our Proform Flexible Plastic Epoxy Repair Kit. Cure 15-20 minutes @ 75°F.
5.       Hand block or DA sand flexible repair material with a P150 disc or sheet, followed by P180 disc or sheet.
6.       Final sand and inspect: Finish sand repair and surrounding area using a P320 disc. Blow off repair and inspect for quality. Re-apply adhesion promoter and filler as necessary.
Proform Flexible Plastic Two-Part Epoxy Repair Kit $19.39