Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Car Buffing How To Tech Tips

Car Buffing Tips:
1.  Keep the RPMs on the slow side.
2.  Work the car from right to left (right handed) and don't turn the buffer upside down, the cord will get wrapped in the buffer spindle if you do.
3.  Work the buffer right to left over bead of polish and/or compound. Start slightly  on edge and finish flat.  Work small areas, keep your pace uniform and in "rhythm."
4.  Let the weight of the buffer do most of the work.  Don't wear yourself out.  Work with the buffer, not against it.
5. Keep the buffer in motion to avoid burning the paint.  With practice you will get a feel for how the buffer wants to move.
6. Watch for pad grabbers like antennas, windshield wiper and emblems.  The cautious approach is the best approach, mask or remove where possible.
7.  Avoid or mask rubberized body side moldings, you can burn or stain them.
8.  Avoid edges by masking or working parallel with the buffer wheel.  Work close but not over edges unless you have a good touch.  Edges are easily burned through.
9.  If you are a beginner, don't lock the variable trigger, this will allow you to slow down at any time.
10.  Keep compounding/polishing pads clean.  Not doing so can cause scratches.

Stewart - 1967 Firbird

Customer Pics
 Our second picture was sent to us by P.Stewart.
A beautiful job on a '67 Firebird.
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