Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Vespa Scooter 2002 ET2 - Paint Project Cielo code 270

Vespa Scootter 2002 ET2 - Paint Project
Scott Z. from Lynnwood, WA painted his Vespa Scooter with our Spray Max 2K single stage aerosol paint.  As you can see, it really turned out nice.  Scott had this to say,
"I was very pleased with the 2k product and the final results. Hats off to for there superb mix."

Thanks, Scott, for the compliment and for sending the picture.

Below are the products used and the quantity ordered for this project:

(3) Spray Max 2K Aerosol - Custom Mix  color code Vespa 270 Cielo
(1) Spray Max Rapid Primer Aerosol