Friday, September 26, 2014

Hot Rod Black Automotive Paint - In a quality Spray Max Aerosol

You asked for it and here it is!  Spray Max has developed a Hot Rod Black Satin Finish in a 2K aerosol, for added scratch resistance and longevity.  It has the high quality spray pattern you have come to expect from Spray Max aerosols.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Honda Z50 Mini Bike Restoration

Allen P. , East Bend, NC sent these pictures in of his Honda Z50 restoration. Very nice, very well done project. He used the following items and quantities:

1 - Spray Max Epoxy Primer 3680032

2 - Honda R-23 Tahitian Red
3 - Spray Max 2K Clear Coat - Glamour Gloss
1 - Wet-Dry Sandpaper Kit - Assorted Grades

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Harley Davidson Amber Whiskey

Harley Davidson '86 FLTC painted with Amber Whiskey
Hi there,
 Just wanted to show you how my project turned out.  Thank you for all your help and a very easy to use product that made my first time with auto paint enjoyable.  Attached is a before and two after photo's.  Even my friend who is a body man couldn't believe the finish came from a spray can!

For this I used: (click links to go to order pages)
4 High build primer (could have bought 4 more)
5 Harley Amber Whiskey
5 Harley Vivid Black
7 Spraymax high gloss 2K clearcoat

There are a total of 5 coats of color and 4 coats of clear. Everything got final sanded to 2000 grit and buffed and polished.

Thanks again,
Steve P., Pennsylvania
Reflection - Steve shows us the amazing reflection he was able to get with the 2K Glamour Clear Coat

Harley Davidson '86 FLTC before Amber Whiskey
Harley Davidson '86 FLTC painted with Amber Whiskey