Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Tornado

For our customers who have been asking about us, we are okay and our store is okay, by the grace of God, I don't know why.

Just a few blocks from our store it is complete devastation. The town of Joplin is unrecognizable.  We actually live in Diamond, MO, which is about 10 miles east, so our house is fine and we have electricty here. It will be a long clean up process and we will do what we can to help. Right now only emergency people are allowed in that area.

We are very concerned about some of our local customers. We haven't been able to contact them, since information and phone service is spotty.
Thanks again,
Pat & Randy Garrison

Friday, May 20, 2011

Spray Max Review - 2001 Harley Super Glide

Sorry so slow in providing feedback but wanted to share how pleased I was with the SprayMax products. I repainted my 2001 Harley Super Glide last fall. Used the SprayMax Glamour 2K Clear over a 1K base of GM's Sunburst Orange Metallic II. I wet-sanded and polished the final coat of clear and this thing looked like glass! I couldn't have been more pleased.
I'll soon be ordering more of the same to repaint my 1981 Honda Goldwing.
Many thanks for your exemplary service and quality products.
Scott D.
 Apache Junction, AZ
(Scott used three of the Spray Max 1K aerosols and three of the SPM-3680061 Glamour High Gloss Clear Coat.)  For all our Spray Max products visit our e-store at 66 Auto Color

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Motorcycle painted with Spray Max

This is what Fred M. had to say about the SprayMax paint, Epoxy, and Glamour Clear aerosols. He did a great custom job on his motorcycle.:

I've had great success with your SprayMax 2K primer, paint and clear coat on my bike and have decided to do my other ride (Kawasaki Nomad) in bright red . .

Spray Max Customer Golf Cart Project

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the Spray Max Aerosols. Marty sent some pictures of his completed project:

I found 66 Auto Color on the internet. I originally was going to do a wrap on my 1996 golf cart but thought I would take a shot at painting this. I have not painted a car in 40 years and then I had professional tools and a spray booth. I used Spray Max 2K Primer and a Stellar Marron base coat with the 2K Clear coat. This was so easy to use and came out better than I expected. I highly recommend these products and their staff. Pat and the entire staff here assisted me all the way through the process. They are truly customer service professionals.

- Marty H
Streamwood, IL

Friday, May 6, 2011

Detailing: Car Buffing

Car Buffing Techniques
1)      Paint preparation is vital. Proper paint preparation makes the process smoother with a better end result. Give the car a good wash and prep the surface with a clay preparation bar.  There are several kinds available. This will minimize or remove protrusions on the paint surface such as environmental contaminates like dust specks.
2)      Proper buffing techniques are a must. In short, work buffer right to left over bead of polish and/or compound. Start slightly on edge and then finish flat. Working smaller areas keep your pace uniform and in “rhythm.” With increased practice, proficiency increases. Keep the RPMs on the slow side.
3)      Let the weight of the buffer do most of the work. Don’t wear yourself out. Work with the buffer, not against it. Keep the buffer in motion to avoid burning the paint. You will get a feel for how the buffer wants to move in time.
4)      Work the car from right to left (right handed) and don’t turn the buffer upside down, the cord will get wrapped in the buffer spindle if you do.
5)      Watch for pad grabbers like antennas, windshield wipers and emblems. The cautious approach is the best approach, mask or remove where possible. Have you ever seen a windshield wiper fly?
6)      Avoid or mask rubberized body side moldings, you can burn or stain them.
Avoid edges by masking or working parallel with the buffer wheel. Work close but not over unless you have a good touch. If you are a beginner, don’t lock the variable trigger, this will allow you to slow down at any time.

Remember to check out our website for more automotive body shop supplies and paint.  66 Auto Color for Wizards Detailing Products

Detailing: Minimizing Swirl Marks

Minimizing Swirl Marks
1)      Minimize swirl by maintaining clean buffing pads. Use a cleaning spur on wool pads frequently, wash and air dry occasionally.
2)      Soak foam pads in warm water and ring dry. Never put in dryer.
3)      Cross contamination is another leading cause of swirl. Keep compound pads separate from polishing and finishing pads.
4)      Match the right buffing pad to the right polishing material. We know not all paint surfaces are the same, save time by spot buffing a small area then check results. We have many pad compositions, start with the least aggressive and work up as needed. Utilize this same principle when selecting the compound or polish.
5)      Lower RPM’s means less friction, less friction means less heat buildup. Try to stay between 1750-2400 RPM when compounding and between 1200-1750 RPM when finishing.
6)      After using compound wash the treated area with soap and water to eliminate excess compound grit.  When finishing with a polish or glaze, don’t buff dry. Leave a little material on the car, without it you create friction. A final hand or orbital wax will clean up any polish residue. A quality product such as Wizards Polishing Products will minimize swirl marks.

Remember to check out our website for more automotive body shop supplies and paint.  66 Auto Color